POLD Resources

We have created a manual, videos, and case studies. See the links below to access these resources.

POLD Manual

Cover page of the POLD Manual



In collaboration with our community partners, we have developed a manual for agencies interested in learning more about POLD and how to implement it. You can download the POLD manual here.



POLD Videos

Screen capture of the video for using POLD data in a conversation with a retailer

We have developed videos covering different POLD-related topics. See descriptions and links below.

  • We have created two videos of how POLD can be used in your community
    • POLD Data Collection Example: Traffic Stop
    • Using POLD data in a conversation with a retailer

Click here to watch these training videos.


  • We have created four videos that describe the components of POLD implementation that our team has identified:
    • Startup: Setting up the structures and processes to ensure full POLD implementation.
    • Data Collection: Ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the POLD data.
    • Stakeholder Awareness: Keeping key people and agencies informed about POLD.
    • Follow-up: Using the POLD data to reduce overservice of alcohol.

Click here to watch these implementation component videos.


  • We have created several short video clips of testimonials and answers to frequently asked questions about POLD.

Click here to watch these testimonial and FAQ videos.

An image of the case studies summary cover page


POLD Case Studies

We have developed case studies using in-depth interviews to describe how various agencies have implemented POLD. You can access the case studies on this page