Our Mission

The mission of the AEP is to conduct advanced research to discover effective community and policy interventions to reduce alcohol and cannabis-related social and health problems. Recent studies have focused on:

  • effects of alcohol compliance checks
  • illegal alcohol sales at community festivals
  • community organizing efforts
  • community prevention trials
  • alcohol-involved traffic crashes
  • training of alcohol outlet managers and servers
  • natural experiments with changes in state and local alcohol policies
  • effects of macroeconomic conditions on drinking rates
  • alcohol sales to youth and obviously intoxicated patrons
  • density of alcohol establishments
  • malt liquor availability and promotion
  • cannabis sales to youth
  • effects of changes to cannabis policies on traffic and pedestrian crashes
  • levels of enforcement of recreational cannabis policies


The AEP program was founded by Alexander C. Wagenaar, PhD, who directed the program from 1991–2004.

People looking at charts in a meeting