Place of Last Drink (POLD) Component Videos

POLD Startup

The following video covers:

  • Why might a community start using POLD?
  • How much extra work is POLD and how much does it cost?
  • How can a coalition help get POLD started?
  • What information can POLD provide to a community and how can it be helpful?
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POLD Data Collection

This video describes how POLD data are collected at two different agencies and covers the following questions:

  • How much extra work is collecting and looking at POLD data?
  • Do you think you get honest answers from people when collecting POLD data?
  • Why is it important to collect and use POLD data consistently?
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Stakeholder Awareness 

The following video covers:

  • Why is it important for agencies who conduct POLD to communicate with one another?
  • How can you make sure establishments that sell alcohol in your community know about POLD?
  • How do you communitcate with local establishments to get buy-in for POLD?
  • How can POLD data inform the liquor license renewal process?
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The following video covers:

  • How agencies use POLD data to follow up with establishments.
  • How POLD can help identify high-risk problems related to overservice.
  • How POLD can help build relationships and provide information to establishments.
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